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Hofincons Group has been in the Industrial Asset Management services for over 40 years to support our consulting services as well as client requirements.. We have been involved in developing Computerized Materials and maintenance management systems (CMMS) which were implemented for various industries worldwide.

Hofincons Group has dedicated IT solution development division and developed various Enterprise Asset Management(EAM) tools for Industrial Asset Integrity and Maintenance Management(AIMS), Material Cataloging Management(MCAMS) and Technical Integrity Management(TIMS).

Our IT tools are technology driven through innovative cutting-edge latest IT technology, high quality, secure and cost-effective solutions. Our IT tools adhere to industry best practices, ISO security and industry CMMI standards.

Hofincons Group has a proven track record of delivering End-to-End Intranet and cloud-based IT solutions for Industrial Maintenance & Technical Integrity to world-renowned companies. Hofincons Group has in-house highly qualified technical & functional expertise.


Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS)

AIMS® is a comprehensive suite of integrated Industrial Asset Maintenance and Material data preparation tools integrated with most popular Maintenance strategy analysis tools for smooth operations and maintenance of assets to achieve operational excellence.

AIMS® is the ideal platform for all maintenance & reliability professionals for building, Visualizing, editing, reviewing and approving Asset Master, Maintenance Data, and Material data with BOMs as per ISO 55000 standard data quality console for Client EAM / CMMS / ERP Systems and Plant Maintenance activities.

AIMS® has modules for:

  • Asset Register Builder
  • Maintenance Plan Builder
  • Spares and BOM Builder
  • Material Cataloging Builder
  • Risk and Reliability Integrator
  • Vendor e-Expeditor


Material Cataloging Management System (MCAMS)

MCAMS® is a world-class web-based IT solution to catalogue material items through Electronic verification (EV) process with customizable electronic workflow management and business processes. MCAMS® is well-structured IT solution for material item coding, cataloguing and enriching material buying descriptions.

MCAMS has been developed with Hofincons rich material coding & cataloguing experience for over 40 years. It is supported by a wide variety of Material reference catalogue data, Industry standards, and Technical Value presentation guidelines to quickly populate the technical characteristics of any material item. MCAMS can easily be integrated to any popular CMMS system, also is certified by SAP Germany for interface integration to S/4 HANA.

Hofincons MCAMS® is supported by a wide variety of Material reference catalogue data, Industry standards, and Technical Value presentation guidelines to quickly populate the technical characteristics of any material item.

MCAMS can be used for material coding using various material coding practices such as, Hofincons NM Schema, MESC/CMT, UNSPSC, NATO, ISO standards, PIDEX, etc.

The suite has modules for:

  1. Master Data Governance
  2. Material Cataloguing
  3. New Item Creation
  4. HNM Schema Management
  5. Administration requirements
  6. Application Configuration Requirements


Technical Integrity Management System (TIMS)

Hofincons has developed an web based IT solution TIMS® which incorporates best practices and rule-based procedures for monitoring and managing SCE Integrity via a traffic light system.  

The Technical Integrity of Assets classified as SCEs can be managed by assessing Safety Critical Element (SCE) maintenance Work Orders execution and performance. This can be monitored by TIMS® through an integrated seamless interface to client ERP / CMMS system.

TIMS® solution incorporates SCE Management to provide a workable, sustainable, measurable and standardized processes and tools which monitor & assure the performance of assets defined as SCEs and demonstrate the required hardware barriers are in place and effective.

TIMS® reports asset status by traffic light reporting model and enables safeguard technical integrity of assets by taking appropriate mitigation measures. TIMS® has online connectivity to CMMS / ERP system for Maintenance data read/writes and further analysis.



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