Gap Analysis

Asset Gap Analysis is the most effective method to implement asset performance improvement program where the plant operations management recognizes the need for an improvement in operations and maintenance when the priorities and opportunities are unclear.

Most industries will benefit by asset gap analysis, but the benefits will be highest where the cost of maintenance and the cost of failure is a high proportion of total operating cost.

In order to improve the availability and reliability of assets and thereby improve maintenance effectiveness to achieve maximum return on Investment, an asset gap analysis program can be carried out by conducting an interactive workshop(s) by a team of skilled and qualified reliability and maintenance engineers from Hofincons and client’s operations and maintenance team.

Asset Gap Analysis will give a clear road-map for setting action priorities to close the gap between existing practice and the best industry practice for effective asset management. It helps to identify opportunities for continuous improvement through PMO and RCM and or other practices for cost and reliability improvements.


Why Gap Analysis?

Asset Gap Analysis can answer many questions about your operations and maintenance which are otherwise difficult to answer.

Are you experiencing unnecessarily high costs of maintenance and finding it difficult to liquidate al work orders?

Are you facing frequent stock outages?

Have frequent unexpected shutdowns become a norm?

Are you finding it difficult to meet you ESG KPIs and goals?

The root cause of these symptoms could be the descrepencies in your asset data. The Asset Gap Analysis is the quickest and most reliable way to find out what is causing these pertinent challenges and eliminate once and for all.



  • A well defined list of root casues leading to symptoms like high operational./maintenance costs, frequent downtimes etc.
  • A clear strategy with roadmap to eliminate these root causes.


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