Asset Data Management

Key to successful Asset Management lies in successful Asset Data Management!

Oil & Gas companies are digitising their operations and maintenance. Almost every single Oil & Gas company has either invested in or is considering investing in a robust asset management software.

Unfortunately, many of these organisations are unable to make the most out of these investments due to the lack of correct, accurate, and reliable asset data. Asset Data is the foundation of any asset management initiative. Building asset data is one piece of the puzzle, and keeping it updated based on real-time changes on-site is a challenging task.

Hofincons Group offers a wide range of solutions and services under its Asset Data Management offering.

No matter where you stand in your Digital Transformation journey, these services will help you accelerate towards your goals.

Asset Data Management Solutions for Greenfield Projects:

Asset Register:

When starting a new project from scratch, it is crucial to create an accurate asset register that will serve as the foundation for operating and maintaining your facility. At Hofincons, we employ a comprehensive approach to building maintenance data. One that involves collaborating with your partners such as EPCs, LSTKs contractors, and vendors to gather end-to-end information about your assets and their maintenance. Our Data Building service ensures that your asset data is built based on industry standards, providing a solid data foundation to operate and maintain your facility more efficiently.Learn More >

Asset Hierarchy:

Our asset register service emphasizes asset hierarchy development where we systematically categorize your assets based on their operational interdependencies. This is done by reviewing P&IDs, equipment data sheets, equipment specifications, location details, and process flow hierarchy. We also create BOMs by linking spares and sub-assemblies for any new plant, package, or equipment additions. This structured approach enhances your ability to manage risks, prioritize maintenance tasks, and allocate resources effectively.Learn More >

Asset Verification:

It is essential to ensure that the asset data in your CMMS and ERP reflects the physical assets at the plant site. Our As-Built Verification service evaluates the gaps between your actual and ERP data and helps you bridge them. Learn More >

Asset Data Management Solutions for Brownfield Projects :

Gap Analysis and Reporting:

Struggling with disproportionately high costs of operations and maintenance? For many brownfield facilities, the root cause of the high cost of operations is gaps in the asset data. Our Gap Analysis and Reporting services can pinpoint precisely what is wrong with your asset data and provide recommendations that guarantee a quick ROI.
Learn More >

Data Cleansing and Restructuring:

Often, the gap analysis reveals that the root problem is inaccurate and duplicate asset data. Our effective Data Cleansing activity eliminates obsolete, duplicate, and overstocked items from your inventory, relieving you of unnecessary costs and complexities. Data Cleansing can reduce operations, maintenance, and procurement costs quickly and considerably.
Learn More >

Asset Verification:

Plants often evolve over time due to capacity expansions, upgrades, or enhancements, among other reasons. Such scenarios may result in discrepancies between your asset and maintenance data in your ERP/CMMS and the actual physical equipment on site. Our As-Built Verification service evaluates the gaps in your actual and ERP data and helps you eliminate them. During this service, our team also conducts field verifications and as-built drawing updates to ensure the utmost consistency. Learn More >



  • Updated, accurate asset data that can be imported in any CMMS/ERP
  • Data building templates to ensure that new data meets standards of quality
  • Optimized and efficient maintenance due to correct data
  • Our Asset Data Management services lay the foundation for Operational Excellence for your greenfield or brownfield facility.

The Hofincons Advantage

  • Proven and reliable systems and processes built and refined over 4 decades.
  • End-to-end offering from identifying gaps to implementing solutions and monitoring impact.
  • Total accountability of outcomes and professional approach.
  • Experience of successfully carrying out 800+ asset management projects

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