Asset Data Cleansing and Restructuring

Asset hierarchies might change over the period and asset maintenance data might require periodic restructuring as per the changed hierarchies. Often, assets gets replaced or upgraded which also leads to changes in correspnding maintenance data.

The Asset maintenance data which is existing in various sources will be verified and cleansed and enriched data will be uploaded to the client CMMS system. Appropriate maintenance data will be prepared reflecting the restructured asset hierarchy with functional location/tag and maintenance tasks with planning data & work orders.


Why Asset Data Cleansing and Restructuring?

Streamlined maintenance: Asset data restructurnig and cleansing will streamline the maintenance efforts and activities as per the on-ground realities.

More accurate work orders: Work orders generated through CMMS depend on the asset data. Asset data restructuring ensures that the CMMS generated work orders are accurate.


  • Cleansed and updated asset data which reflects updated asset hierarchies.
  • Enriched asset data for client specific CMMS.


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