Asset Register

Asset Register and Maintenance data is the mandatory requirement to take-up maintenance activities for all the assets of an industry for its smooth operations.

Hofincons Group takes a comprehensive approach to building Asset Registers and Maintenance systems. This involves capturing data about assets and their maintenance by reading P&IDs, equipment data sheets, equipment specifications, and location details that are organized based on the process flow. The approach also includes creating Bills of Materials (BOMs) that link spares and sub-assemblies for any new plant, package, or equipment additions.

Additionally, planning data is gathered to ensure smooth operations and maintenance requirements are met. Our team also coordinates directly with your vendors to gather procurement data and manufacturer specifications.


Why Asset Register?

OIl & Gas industry depends on a large number of assets and equipment for the day-to-day operations. A large number of the assets are maintenable, i.e. they need some sort of maintenance on a regular basis. This maintenance is carried out in form of works orders which are generated by either a CMMS or an ERP.

Often, in spite of having all these systems in place, Oil & Gas companies struggle in streamlining their maintenance activities. The prime reason being the lack of accurate data in these systems. An updated, accurate Asset Register will ensure that your CMMS/ERP uses correct asset and maintenance data to generate works orders. This makes an asset register an indispensable component of any Oil & gas facility.



  • Reliable and accurate data to power up your CMMS/ERP and carry out your maintenance activities.
  • Improved efficiency of maintenance processes
  • Reduction in the cost of maintenance.


Hofincons Advantage

  • In-house team of data experts for high accuracy and quick turnaround.
  • We help you build data for any CMMS/ERP that you use.
  • We build data as per some of the most widely accepted industry standards. 

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