8 KPIs for Oil & Gas Asset Management

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are crucial in business management as they serve as measurable benchmarks that align with organizational objectives. KPIs are essential for Oil & Gas companies to assess performance, track progress, and make informed decisions. By...

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7 Proven Tips for Better Material Management

Material management affects Oil & Gas facilities more than we can imagine. From finding the correct spare at the right time to optimizing inventory costs, material management has far-reaching benefits. While there are different methods and approaches to material...

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Six Tips for Building Comprehensive Asset Registers

Six Tips for BuildingComprehensive Asset RegistersAt the heart of any successful asset management effort lies a comprehensively built asset register. A comprehensive asset register is crucial for Oil & Gas companies to effectively manage their assets, ensure...

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PDO GGP Rejuvenation CMMS Project

PDO awards Hofincons Group the GGP Rejuvenation CMMS project that includes Asset Register build, CIMS build, BOM build and SCE PS identification & implementation with Assurance Measures.

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Rabab Harweel Integreted Project – Maintenance Plan Update

PDO’s Rabab Harweel Integreted Project awarded the Maintenance Plan Update scope to Hofincons Group. This project was awarded to ensure the smoothness in the plant startup process and with previous experience & Trust of PDO upon Hofincons Group to be able to deliver as intended.

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