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IT Embedded EAM Tools & Solutions

Hofincons Group is a strong player in the Industrial Operations and support tool solutions development. With over 36 years of Industrial Asset Maintenance and Material Management experience, Hofincons has developed various Industrial Operations and support tool solutions for Asset register, Asset Technical Integrity Monitoring and Material Catalogue management. The best practices along with the industry requirements are addressed with the tools which help work efficiently with possible validations.

The IT support arm of Hofincons Group is undergoing a major restructure to forefront the Information Technology driven maintenance & Integrity solutions for Maintenance Intensive Process based Industries.

Hofincons Group is currently in the process of moving the IT division to the State-of-Art Technology zone.

It is the vision of Hofincons Group to provide technology driven Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions by adopting innovative cutting-edge technology with high quality, secure and cost effective solutions.

Hofincons Group is committed to assist Process Industries predominantly Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Steel Metallurgy & Cement sectors to get the best out of the existing and newly installed Industrial Assets by adopting our solutions. The IT solutions from Hofincons Group help companies to reduce maintenance downtime, standardize across the organization, reduce unnecessary expenditure, reduce human errors and improve maintenance Integrity.

Hofincons Group has a proven track record of delivering End-to-End Intranet and cloud based IT solutions for Industrial Maintenance & Technical Integrity to world-renowned companies. The IT division has highly qualified technical & functional expertise.

Hofincons is SAP Software Solution and Technology Partner. The IT tools from Hofincons are Certified by SAP and other major CMMS / ERP systems. Hofincons develop solutions for integrating to popular EAM/ERP/CMMS systems like SAP, Maximo, BAAN, Oracle, etc.

The IT solutions from Hofincons are:


Asset Register Information System® (ARIS)

ARIS® is Hofincons proprietary Industrial Asset Register Information System Tool that can be used for preparing Plant Maintenance (PM) data through a scientific approach. ARIS® is a web based software application, that can be used to build a complete industrial Asset Register with appropriate asset hierarchy (parent-child relationship), technical characteristics and Bill of Materials (BOM) as per standard technical values guidelines and UOM standardisation.

ARIS® is supported by enterprise asset maintenance procedures developed by Hofincons with over 30 years of hands-on plant maintenance experience. ARIS® is also supported by a wide variety of Asset reference technical data, Industry standards, and Technical Value presentation guidelines to systematically and quickly populate the technical characteristics for any asset. The application also provisions for monitoring & reviewing the asset data being prepared.

ARIS® provides a centralised asset register database with BOM and Maintenance Planning data to generate suitable bulk upload data templates for effective implementation of any ERP/CMMS. ARIS® is capable of porting asset data to any CMMS/ERP by using various data transfer mechanisms. ARIS® can also be used for Asset Duplication resolution and building asset data KPI's.

The modules is ARIS® are:

  • Asset base data preparation
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) development
  • Maintenance / Job plan data preparation
  • Maintenance Craft Procedures (MCP) / Work Instruction
  • CMMS templates generation
  • Administration


Material Cataloguing Management System® (MCAMS)
MCAMS® is a structured material cataloguing web tool for developing and enriching material buying descriptions. MCAMS is an application to catalogue MRO items through electronic verification (EV) process. MCAMS® enables to structure the material item through Hofincons Noun Modifier templates (HNM Schema) and enrich the material data by referring to Hofincons Reference Catalogue database to finally generate complete buying descriptions.

MCAMS is supported by a wide variety of Material reference catalogue data, Industry standards, and Technical value presentation guidelines to quickly populate the technical characteristics of any material item.

MCAMS® can be used for:

  • Considerable reduction in inventory
  • Ready to port inventory data to any CMMS/ERP
  • e-Procurement advantage
  • Easy-to-search data builder for an item in CMMS/ERP through a industry standard Hofincons Noun Modifier Schema (HNMS)
  • Material duplicate resolution


Technical Integrity Monitoring System® (TIMS)
TIMS® is a Hofincons proprietary web application to monitor the Technical Integrity (TI) of SCE assets including supporting infrastructures that are operated & maintained in a manner that safeguards their integrity and have a robust monitoring network that guarantees planned activities are sustained throughout the equipment life cycle. The SCE Performance Standards and Assurance Measure Non-Conformance can be monitored with easy hierarchal display along with Red-Amber-Green traffic light system.

TIMS® is a:

  • Web based application
  • Maintenance (Technical) Integrity Status reporting Tool
  • Provides interactive analysis of TI exposure
  • Provides easy traffic light reporting
  • On-line deviation control with work-flow mechanism
  • Reporting tool for on-plot assets
  • Tool invaluable for Asset owners, managers and operational engineers
  • SAP Integration available
  • Able to integrate to any ERP/CMMS
TIMS® will serve as an interactive tool to monitor progress and analyse TI exposure of assets operated as per Safety Critical Equipments identified, industry standard Risk Matrix and Non-Conformance management framework. TIMS® is a rule-based traffic light reporting system of roll up reporting from Asset level, station level to equipment level. TIMS® can be seamlessly integrated with any CMMS in general and SAP in particular for maintenance reporting.


Customised EAM integration and reporting solutions
Hofincons has a I.T. division to develop tailored made solutions for clients. Hofincons develops client-Server based and web based solutions. Hofincons is focused in providing EAM/ERP monitoring and reporting tools for Industrial Asset Maintenance, Integrity and Material Management.